Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Conference 2012: Ecosystem services come of age: linking science, policy, and participation for sustainable human well-being

31st Jul – 4th Aug 2012, in Portland, USA

Working Group session was convened by members of the SGAN Secretariat, with support from Roy Haines-Young (University of Nottingham, UK) on Tools and approaches for monitoring and measuring ecosystem services at the national and sub-national level.

The meeting's objectives were:

  1. To identify the:
  • Knowledge gaps in selected tools available to assessment practitioners
  • Challenges in applying these tools in SGAs
  • Steps and solutions required to fill knowledge gaps and address the challenges in application of these tools.
  1. To build capacity of participants to carry out and identify the need for ecosystem assessments (through a case study approach).
  2. To increase participants’ awareness of the SGA Network and its purpose.
  3. To promote exchange and networking amongst practitioners involved in developing and applying assessment tools.


Overview of tools and knowledge gaps - Download
Working Group_Report back to Plenary - Download