SGA Network Meeting 2011

11th – 15th December 2011, in Bilbao, Spain

Convened by UNEP-WCMC and The Cropper Foundation, the meeting was hosted by the University of the Basque Country, UNESCO Katedra and UNESO Etxea. Seventy-one members of the network attended this meeting which sought to bring together practitioners in the field of ecosystem assessments, to discuss the re-initiation and restructuring of the SGA Network, as well as share information on challenges, opportunities and lessons learnt in sub-global assessments. The overall objective of the meeting was to establish the key roles and activities of the SGA Network, including its new positioning within the global assessment landscape.

The meeting’s objectives were:

  1. To discuss how the SGAN members and SGAN Secretariat, will function and communicate as a network, to facilitate knowledge and information sharing (Day 1)
  2. To highlight the relationships between the SGAN and other organisations; and how to work towards supporting them and other relevant global processes (Day 1)
  3. To share lessons that have already been learnt in the science of assessments, including the primary challenges in ecosystems assessment and the potential solutions (Day 2 & 3)

Download SGA Network Meeting 2011 report


Our Network: Establishing the purpose of the network Organizational links: How the SGA network relates to other networks and initiatives 
  • Dolf de Groot - Ecosystem Service Partnership - Download
  • Belinda Reyers - GEOBON - Download
  • Carsten Nesshoever - BiodiversityKnowledge - Download
  • David Cooper - The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 & NBSAPs - Download
Sharing Information: How to communicate as a network, interally and externally
  • Omar Mohammed - Regional Hubs - Download
Challenges: Sharing common problems, solutions and lessons learned in sub-global assessments
  • Ernesto Viglizzo - Analysing cases of non-linear behaviour in ecosystems - Download
  • Carsten Nesshoever - ESS valuation & how to mainstream into policy - lessons from TEEB - Download
  • Sarala Khaling - Securing political buy-in for SGAs - Download
Funding and financial support: Effective acquisition and use of funds
  • Utkarsh Ghate & Hema Kulkarni - Funding sucess stories - Download
The Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
  • Hakan Berg - IPBES - An update on progress - Download
How to assess: Tools, processes and approaches
  • Christian Schlatter - Ecosystem Service Indicators - Download
  • Miren Onaindia - Measuring & monitoring ESS at the site scale - Download
  • Fernando Santos - Conducting & building on SGAs at the national level - Download
Building the future: Beyond the MA – Mainstreaming, applying and building on results
  • Keisha Garcia - ProEcoServ - Download
  • Monica Lopez - Poverty-Environment Initiative - Download


  • Adaptation to change in interlinked cultivated and wetland ecosystems: A study in Western India - Download
  • Application of the Millennium Assessment (MA) Framework in Australian context - Download
  • COAST-MAN - Download
  • Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna - Download
  • Downstream Mekong River wetlands Ecosystem Assessment (Vietnam territory) - Download
  • Ecosystem services in peri-urban green spaces: The influence of socio-economic factors and visitors’ motivations in the valuation of Bilbao Metropolitans’s greenbelt (Northern Spain) - Download
  • Framework for non-market valuation of cultural ecosystem services in biosphere reserves - Download
  • Indian Urban Rural Millennium (Ecosystem) Assessment (IURMA) - Download
  • Lomani Gau: Maintaining Ecosystem Health and Ecological Services for Human Well being - Download
  • Pantanal Millenium Assessment of Brazil - Download
  • ptTEEB: building on the experience of ptMA - Download
  • Sao Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve SGA Brazil - Available shortly
  • Scenarios to aid regional food security policy formulation - Download
  • SGAs for mainstreaming poverty and environment in planning processes - Download
  • Working with stakeholders at the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in Biscay SGA: Local participatory scenario planning for Biscay and its Ecosystem Services - Download