IUCN World Conservation Congress: Conservation Campus: Tools and Techniques for undertaking and using ecosystem assessments

6th - 15th Sept 2012, Jeju, South Korea

The SGAN Secretariat convened and facilitated a one day capacity building conservation campus on undertaking and using ecosystem assessments through developing skills for measuring and valuing ecosystem services. The Secretariat worked with a number of partners from related initiatives – e.g. the Ecosystem Service Partnership, The Natural Capital Project, TEEB, UNEP and IUCN – to deliver the training through a combination of presentations, interactive exercises and facilitated discussions.

The meeting's objectives were:

The overall objective was to build capacity for undertaking and using ecosystem assessments, with a specific focus on tools and techniques for measuring and valuing ecosystem services. To be achieved through:

  1. Improving awareness of widely recognized and understood tools and techniques
  2. Providing practical training in how to use these tools in an ecosystem assessment, through hands-on exercises using data from real case studies.
  3. Establishing their usefulness in decision-making processes and demonstrating how they can be used to translate science into policy-relevant information.
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  • C-K Kim & Gregg Verutes - InVEST Introduction - Download
  • Gregg Verutes - Best Coast Belize Interactive Mapping Exercise - Download
  • Nirmal Bhagabati - Sustainable Land Use Planning Central Sumatra - Download
  • C-K Kim - Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning West Coast Vancouver Island Case Study - Download
  • Gregg Verutes - Carbon Storage and Sequestration InVEST 3.0 - Download
  • C-K Kim - Marine Water Quality InVEST 3.0 - Download
  • Pavan Sukdhev - TEEB perspective on valuation - Download
  • Nathalie Olsen and Vanja Westerberg - Economic valuation of ecosystem services – An Introduction - Download
  • Vanja Westerberg - How to conduct a Choice Experiment valuation survey - Download