SGA Network Meeting 2014

26th - 28th Oct 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The 5th Sub-Global Assessment Network meeting was hosted and convened by the SGAN Secretariat, and supported by the UNEP Regional Office for West Asia, and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW). The meeting brought together over 40 ecosystem assessment practitioners from across the globe, to discuss the progress of the SGAN in 2013 and 2014, recent advances in the field of ecosystem assessment, and the plans for the future as the network continues to move forward.

The meeting's objectives were:

  1. Showcase progress and achievements of the Network and its members throughout 2013 and 2014.
  2. Share information, lessons learned and experiences of undertaking ecosystem assessments.
  3. Highlight emerging tools, methods, concepts and issues in the evolving field of ecosystem assessment.
  4. Provide a platform for peer to peer learning.
  5. Provide an opportunity for networking amongst the Network members.
  6. To provide an opportunity to discuss the future of the Network.

Download SGA Network Meeting 2014 report

Annual Meeting 2014 Group Shot


Introductions and updates
  • HE Sultan Abdulla Bin Alwan Alhebsi - UAE MoEW Introduction - Download
  • Matt Ling - Update and objectives from the Secretariat - Download
A focus on West Asia
  • Diane Klaimi - Introduction from UNEP ROWA - Download
  • Salma Talhouk - Baldati bi ati - Download
  • Florian Eppink - Wetlands West Asia - Download
National assessments
  • Fernando Santos Martin - Spanish NEA - Download
  • Courtney Price - CAFF Arctic Biodiversity Assessment - Download
  • Anne-Gaelle Ausseil - National assessment of ES in NZ - Download
  • Thomas Koetz - Introduction to IPBES - Download

Valuation tools and ecosystem assessments

  • Jane Glavan - Blue carbon and ES valuation - Download
Capacity Development Assessment Tool
  • Will Banham - Capacity Development Assessment Tool - Download
Presentations in absentia
  • Fouad Abousamra - Application of the ecosystem approach - Download
  • Prideel Majiedt - Into the deep - Download
  • Hassan Sher - Economic development and conservation Swat Valley Pakistan - Download
  • Fahiema Daniels - Lessons learned from national biodiversity assessments in South Africa - Download
Ecosystem assessment mainstreaming
  • Alejandro von Bertrab - ValuES the project - Download
  • Miren Onaindia - Implementation of ES as indicators for landscape management Basque Country - Download
  • Huynh Thi Mai - PES scheme in Vietnam - Download
SGA Network 'lessons learned'
  •  Claire Brown  - Lessons learned revisited - Download
The regional hub approach
  • Kamaljit Sangha - SGA TEK thematic hub updates - Download
The SGA Network mentoring scheme
  • Matthew Ling - SGA Network mentoring scheme - Download
  • Brian Kastl - SGA Network mentoring scheme report back - Download
  • Mario Balzan - SGA Network mentoring scheme report back - Download
  • Himlal Baral - SGA Network mentoring scheme report back - Download
Training session: understanding valuation, economics, and ecosystem assessments
  • Maria Loureiro - Economic valuation of marine ecosystems - Download
  • Dolf de Groot - Total Economic Value and Cost Benefit analysis - Download
  • Maria Loureiro - Economic valuation case study Prestige oil spill - Download
  • Maria Loureiro - Economic valuation case study Jellyfish outbreaks - Download
  • Maria Loureiro - Economic valuation case study IMedJelly Iphone App - Download
Presentations in absentia
  • Keisha Garcia and Sue Yen Carrera - Impact of local level efforts on national decision making - Download
  • Keisha Garcia - SGA Network regional hub approach - Download
  • Luthando Dziba - SADC regional hub - Download
  • Ardavan Zarandian - SGA Network mentoring scheme report back - Download
  • Patricia Falk Fernandez - SGA Network mentoring scheme report back - Download
  • Maria Inzon - SGA Network mentoring scheme report back - Download

Ecosystems Assessments and Scenarios training day

  • Roy Haines Young - Ecosystem assessments and scenarios - Download

Poster Presentations

  • Adaptation to change in wetland ecosystems - Download
  • Economic valuation of wetlands in Arab countries - Download
  • Economic valuation of wetlands in West Asia - Download
  • Ecosystem dynamics in Senegal - Download
  • Ecosystems and HWB El Maghara Sinai Egypt - Download 
  • ES and human well being in Sao Paulo city green belt biosphere reserve - Download
  • Marine ecosystems in the Arabian gulf services and threats - Download
  • Medicinal plant garden and education for global well being - Download
  • New metrics for seafood security assessments in coastal fisheries - Download
  • PES for mangrove ecosystems in Vietnam - Download
  • Safeguarding and restoring Lebanon's woodland resources - Download
  • Study of human impact on mangroves in Egypt - Download
  • Sustainable consumption-production metering for global posterity - Download
  • Brazil coastal assessments - Download
  • Assessing the role of ES in Indigenous well being - Download